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Alpaca Walks


Meet and Greet

You will get the opportunity to get close to the alpacas, feed them, and spend time with them in their field. Ideal for those who want to take photos with the alpacas, learn more about them, or who just want to immerse themselves in the alpacas' world.

Mini Trek

Meet and feed the alpacas, plus take an alpaca for a walk on a lead around our enclosed fields. Adults and those over the age of 14 can lead their own alpaca, children age 5 and over can accompany an adult but the alpaca must be led by the adult. Unfortunately, we cannot cater for those under 5 years old as our insurance does not cover this.

Coming soon - Alpaca Cafe

Our alpaca cafe is currently under construction, and will soon be offering hot drinks with a view out towards the alpacas' field (only available as an add-on to the Meet and Greet/Mini Trek).

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